About The NRTHRN


The NRTHRN was designed out of the notion that sleep is personal.

I always had an affinity for bedding. I remember being a kid and thinking that my dad had the biggest bed in the world! It was like a big, fluffy cloud floating in his bedroom. I would climb in and bask in the soft sheets and fluffy pillows. He told me that I was obsessed and I told him that I wanted new sheets for my birthday!

All these years later, and over a decade of working in home fashions, I’ve realized, like many others, that it was nearly impossible to find the perfect duvet or pillow, no matter where I shopped. No one was ever really able to help me find what I needed to get the best night's sleep.

I decided to dig deeper and studied every fabric, every fill and every thread count. Every country and what everyone in the industry had to offer. After 10 years of learning everything there is to know about the product, I decided it was time to bridge the gap between the consumer and the retailer, and so, The NRTHRN was born.

Everyone deserves a good night's sleep; that ahh feeling when getting into their bed at night. That is my goal. I’m here to help you get that sleep you've been searching for your whole life!


Alex Kertzer, Founder 


The NRTHRN is your Bedding Concierge.

 At The NRTHRN, we consider ourselves bedding specialists.

We are here to understand every single one of our client’s sleep needs and build them the perfect customized bedding. Our carefully curated collection is locally made, eco-friendly, and supremely soft and plush. We fill all our duvets and pillows based on how each and every individual client sleeps. We’ve narrowed it down to the very square inch of the perfect duvet fitting into the perfect cover. Pairing the goose and duck duvets with the perfect thread count to ensure breathability and make sure none of our clients sweat at night, wake up with a neck ache or toss and turn.

Nothing is more important than your health and wellness; starting with a  good night’s sleep. Our goal at The NRTHRN is to uncover your unique sleep needs and offer you the perfect custom bedding at accessible prices.

Because everybody deserves a good night’s sleep.